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Gallipoli TePapa_1216_gunners cu - North Island, New Zealand
Close up of a gun position manned by Private Colin Warden, Corporal Friday Hawkins and Private Rikihana Carkeek, three of the eight 2.4 times lifesize models of New Zealanders who served at Gallipoli. Models created by Weta Workshops in a collaboration with Te Papa Museum for a "groundbreaking" exhibition, Gallipoli - The Scale of Our War which marks the centenury of this ill-fated First World War campaign. 2779 New Zealanders died in the eight month campaign, as well as many Australians, Indians, Newfounders, French, British, Irish and Turks. Many, many more people would die on the Western Front over the next three years. Te Papa Museum, Wellington, North Island, New Zealand
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Gallipoli TePapa_1166_soldier poppies

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